sarah carnes | creative marketing professional | columbia, mo


marketing, design
& communication


Creative Marketing Professional

Sarah Carnes offers marketing and creative services and consulting for businesses and non-profits. Whether you are looking for a brand refresh, or simply need a focused concentration in brand management, she can help facilitate strategic plans that help your company achieve its marketing and creative aspirations. 

Creative and passionate at heart and dedicated to creating meaningful connections for brands through marketing, and creative direction is what she does best. Sarah’s expertise includes brand management, digital marketing, creative and art direction, editorial design, and community management. She brings extensive experience and professionalism to every project, focused on exceeding expectations.

Marketing without design is lifeless. Design without marketing
is mute.
— Von R. Glitschka

Areas of Expertise


Inspired by the world, color, textures, and shapes — I live and breathe design. We are surrounded and bombarded by design each day, in every aspect of our lives. It only makes sense that design should be functional and expertly executed.

art & CREATIVE direction

Experienced in all avenues of art direction, including photography, videography and marketing. Whether it's a photo shoot with complicated variables or a video that demands need someone who can lead a team of creatives and anticipates every scenario.

editorial design

The attention to detail, form, function, typography, and grids speaks to my design soul. The delicate balancing act of composing well-crafted editorial spreads with mastheads, drop caps, and pull-quotes are what my designer dreams are made of.

BRAND Development & Management

Your brand is all-encompassing, let's make sure it's evenly matched with your vision, hard work and goals. Whether you're a startup that needs a strong foundation, or a seasoned business that needs a stronger foothold, your brand should evolve and grow with your business.

community management

If you want to reach and engage customers and clients in this noisy marketing world, your social game needs to be strong. Staying relevant, interesting and on brand is tough. A strategic approach with measurable short-term and long-term goals is critical.

next level perfectionism

I'm constantly brainstorming new ideas, filing away inspiration, and looking at the world a little differently. Combine this with OCD tendencies, serious list-making skills, ambition and a frightening attention to detail and you've got one heck of a marketing maven.

Sarah is a gifted designer that continues to impress with every issue of our monthly magazine. She is always on or ahead of schedule, and is gracious about last-minute do-overs when breaking news warrants a change late in the process. Her work is a key component in creating an engaging publication and ensuring that we are communicating effectively with our readers.
— Fred Koenig, Editor of The Missouri Methodists